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About AI Article Rewriter

The Best AI Article Rewriter and Free Content Rewriting Tool

Our AI-powered article rewriter is a free and 100% automatic paraphrasing tool which is designed to transfer your articles into human readable formats and still give you the new copy every time you go through the article rewriter tool. 

You know that many of the big news publishers like Forbes and Mashable are publishing over 400 articles per day, and to do the same thing for your blog or website, you have to spend thousands of dollars on hiring content writers, training them and then managing the whole writers-desk. But, with our unique article rewriter tool, you don't have to worry, only you are one other of your employee can help you publish unlimited numbers of articles on a daily basis.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo! love to index new content and when you are publishing rich content, you are good to achieve highest rankings in SERPs that will contribute to your website's traffic and revenue growth. Like many others, you should make use of our article rewriter tool online as much as you want without paying a single penny.

Decades gone, still people are brainstorming to have uniqueness in their writings, even when you are writing with your own mind and own research, chances are you may have some lines in your content that are the same as someone else's work, and the only way to get out of this block is to use an article rewriter tool that can make your articles different.

As you know, there are hundreds of such tools available online and many of them charge you $$ monthly fee and still not worth to use. That's why we have added over 500,000 synonyms that are enough for any category/niche. However, we are still adding more new words and synonyms to make sure you get content that is readable and not looks like some spun content. Because we have to create content for our readers, not just for the search engine bots, if our readers are not able to read the content that article rewriter tool is providing, then there is no benefit of this tool, thus we successfully managed to create the world's best article rewriting tool which is available to everyone free of cost.

Search engine optimization is becoming a myth, with the latest Google algorithms and updates, we have to publish amazing articles, and thus an article rewriter tool like ours can help make unique, readable and fresh articles in just a few seconds. Frequent updates on your website will make you decrease your bounce rate, increase rankings, grow traffic and potentially increase revenue. 

Not just blog posts or website articles, you can also use this tool to write unique essays, academic notes, social media posts, product reviews and also can provide article rewriting services to make money using our article rewriter tool for free.

What is Article Rewriter?

Article Rewriter is a web-based bot that can rephrase or reword articles and make the text unique enough to pass all the plagiarism tests, with over 500K synonyms, this article rewriter works as text spinner and replace a few words from each sentence then gives you a 100% unique text file that you can publish anywhere without getting caught by Copyscape or other plagiarism checking tools.

You can also call it a paragraph rewriter that can perform as a unique content generator that helps you to use different synonyms and related words to your own writing and then make the article more professional and also use it for essay, IELTS writing test preparation, study papers, documents and other writing-related work.

How do you write an article without plagiarizing?

The best way to write plagiarism-free content is to write it in your own words. However, there are some tools like text spinner, content rewrite tool and article rewriter which can help you a little. You can search for your topics on Google and then read some of the relevant articles, now open a text editor and start writing the intro, now add some headings and talk about them, now add conclusion, that's how you write an article without plagiarizing.

What is the best article spinning software?

There are hundreds of article spinning software available online and offline and all of them are using the same techniques to give you a unique article. So, we recommend you to use our article rewriter and do things legally, don't copy and paste others content, write your own and make it more unique with our free article rewriter or you can have a look at WordAI, SpinBot, and other similar tools.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is a bot that can help you rewrite your articles, essays, research papers, and almost every other text work. You can use a paraphrasing tool to achieve unique text files as it replaces synonyms to other relative words and gives you the human-readable text. You can use it for website content, blog posts, term paper, emails, tweets and even for business documents and any other text document you may have.

Is Article Spinning Legal?

No, article spinning is not legal and even if you are doing it manually, you are still doing wrong. There are laws available for such copyright infringement and you can get punished. The common thing which happens to website content which is spun, search engines remove those results and there's a platform called DMCA to report such content that helps to remove the copyrighted material from the web.

What is Article Spinning in SEO?

Article spinning in SEO is a process to create unique content to stay safe from Google algorithmic updates as copied content can get penalized by search engines, we have to create original content and spinning tools help us to make our own article more unique.

How do you plagiarize successfully?

To successfully plagiarize a piece of content, you need to add adjectives and adverbs and also change paragraphs and sentences a little bit with a few of your own words, then change common words like I, The, You and such words with your own style to make it yours. After that use an article rewriter and then try to rearrange paragraphs, add bullet points and some new lines after every three lines and add your own unique introduction and the conclusion to be at safe side.

Does content spinning work?

Content spinning works when you are spinning your own content or spinning it after changing the writing style and adding your own lines. It works for news articles and still, there's a chance that you may get a DMCA notice, as whatever you do, you are still copying content. That's why we say that you have to do it carefully and having basic things in mind.

This article is not just another free online text spinner, its a fully functional and automatic tool that can help you write unique sentences, unique paragraphs or rewrite an entire article. As our Article Rewriter Tool is loaded with some of the coolest features, it can rephrase any type of text.