How to Google Reverse Image Search on Phone?


How to Google Reverse Image Search on Phone?

08/28/2020 12:00 AM by Sarah Anderson in Google

Finding an old copy of a photo is not that hard now, as you may encounter some random thoughts when you see something that you think is old or copied and someone else is pretending that it's his/her own, you can now simply do a reverse image search using Google's reverse image search option on its official image search engine.

Officially they haven't released an app or tool for this (for mobile users) but somehow, you can use Google reverse image search on phone no matter you are using an iPhone or Android, it will work for any handy device.

Just look at the below simple tutorial for doing Google reverse image search mobile:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click on 3 Dots next to the URL in your internet browser

Step 3. From the options, Check the desktop site button

Step 4. Click on the little Camera icon in Google image search box

Step 5. Click Upload an image and then Choose File

Step 6. After selecting your preferred image, wait for uploading

Step 7. See the Visually similar images with Google's reverse image search on mobile

That's it, this is how anyone can perform Google reverse image search on a mobile, tablet, or other handy devices no matter what's your OS like iOS or Android, you can apply this method.

We have built something extraordinary for the sake of reverse image search, check out our reverse image search tool that lets you do it on Yandex, Bing and Google at once.

How to Do a Reverse Image Search from Your Phone? Video:

This video tutorial was uploaded to's Youtube channel.