Bulk DA Checker - Free Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tool

Bulk DA Checker - Free Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tool

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About Bulk DA Checker - Free Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tool

DA Checker

Simply, check Moz Domain Authority (DA) for any website or even expired domains for free and without any limits.

Our free Moz 2.0 DA checker tool is available to everyone without any limits and it's a bulk domain authority checker that can be utilized to check 20 domains at one time and then reload the page to check more domains without any limitations. This domain authority checker moz is updated to latest updates by Moz 2.0 and provides fresh data via Moz API, so there's no glitch in this DA checking tool's reporting.

You can also download the final DA checking report as CSV file with domains and their authority details that will be useful for your projects. This option is also free and you don't pay a single penny. That's why we say that our DA checker is 100% free and trusted.

What is DA?

DA stands for Page Authority which is created by MOZ (formerly SEOMoz) and is a metric that shows the strength of the backlinks of a given domain or website. This is not a Google search engine ranking factor, but most of the SEOs consider this to be a sign of how good a website can rank in Google.

How do I check the DA on a website?

To check domain authority of a website or in short DA score, you have to use Moz's open site explorer. But, the problem is that Moz's official DA/PA checker is not free and gives only 10 free checks per month. Well, that's awful, and here come free tools which you can use to check DA of a website or perform bulk DA checks for many domains at once and do it as much as you need. We at Checkistan.com are providing the best tool to check DA of as many domains/sites as you want. All you need is to copy and paste a website URL into checkistan domain authority checker and hit submit. You will be provided with a table of columns with da score information.

What is a good DA score?

A DA score of more than 20 is considered to be good and a DA score of more than 50 is considered great. If you are running a new website (6 months or 1 year old) you have to work a lot to gain some high authority backlinks and in that time your DA score will stay around 10 to 15. However, if you can get high domain authority backlinks in some time, you will witness a massive increase in your DA score and you can keep an eye on your score with our moz da checker.

How do you increase your DA?

There are many free guides available online on how to improve your domain authority and they tell you to increase your traffic or get social signals. In reality, all of them are guiding you in the wrong way. The DA is a third-party metric and is not associated with Google or any other search engine. What we recommend you to do for increasing your DA score for real is to create high domain authority backlinks and create as much as you can from websites like Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch and other big publishers. You will see real-time improvements in your DA score.

What is domain authority checker?

A domain authority checker is a tool which helps you to easily check DA score of your website or domain names. You can use Checkistan's domain authority checker to easily check DA of any website, blog or domain and also, you can use this tool as a bulk domain authority checker to easily check da of as many domains as you want.