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About AI Plagiarism Checker

There's a new wave of AI content creators and those who know it well are surfing through the hardships of hiring freelance content writers who are sending them AI generated text and receiving hefty amounts for that. This AI content detector aka AI Plagiarism checker tool can help you find if the text is ai generated and published elsewhere or not.

If you are writing an academic paper, a news article, a blog post (sponsored guest post or a listicle), a novel, a short story, a message or an ebook, or even a tweet, whatever you are writing, you have to take care of the plagiarism and sometimes it becomes hard to actually check your text for plagiarism. Our tool is there to help you do it most accurately and for free.

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Most of the students and even teachers face plagiarism issues with their academic writings and essays, many job-seekers face copied text problem with their CVs and then comes the content writers online, who are facing these issues on a daily basis, all of them needs a plagiarism checker to find copied content and then replace/remove the text to make their writings and documents unique. Thus, we have developed this 100% free plagiarism checker to help you with everything.

As our content rewriter tool is capable of making unique articles, after using this plagiarism checker online, you can navigate to our content rewriter tool and make your documents unique. Yes, it means you don't have to manually replace or remove any single word, we have you covered.

We mentioned that students and teachers are facing plagiarised content issues, this becomes a real issue when you are going to submit a research paper and you have researched everything online, now even after you write that content on your own self, chances are you are going to hit the copied content issue. Some teachers take plagiarism very seriously and they can punish you, so to avoid this from happening you use our best plagiarism checker which is free to use. No other free plagiarism checker tool can give you this quality as our can. This online plagiarism checker with percentage and report can help you to make your online and offline content more unique.

With many free plagerism tools on the internet, it is now very easy to plagarism proof your content, but when you have a tool that is capable of searching Google and other big search engines and as well as many other platforms just to provide you real reports, you can confidently use that plagiarism checker for schools, colleges, and universities and also for blog posts, articles and other text.

What is the best free plagiarism checker?

There are many free plagiarism checker tools available in the market and most of them force you to buy their premium accounts or register an account and rest of them ask you to resolve creepy captchas. The only truely free plagiarism checker tool is available here at which requires no signup, no captcha and nothing else. You can use it as much as you want and check real-time plagiarism from your content using Google's index at the backend as we perform duplicate content checking by searching your content on Google in a way that nobody can get into and you get accurate results.

How can I check plagiarism for free?

To check duplicate content for free, all you have to do is just use our plagiarism checker tool. Just copy and paste your text into the box and hit the button "Check for Plagiarism" which will show you live content examples and tell you how much unique your content is and even it will tell you which of your sentences are already published and indexed at Google.

Are free plagiarism checkers safe?

There is a big debate on this topic, and according to our studies, most of the online plagiarism checkers are not as safe as the store your data in their servers. While we are allowing you to use our plagiarism checker for free without the need of registering an account, we don't store your data and that's why our plagiarism checker is 100% secure and free.

How accurate are plagiarism checkers?

Most of the plagiarism checkers which are available online are accurate enough to help you don't get a DMCA notice, as they perform a live search (we do it and many others are doing the same) they can't be wrong. However, you should keep in mind that if you are copying content from somewhere else and changing a few words which may pass plagiarism check, you are still in trouble and can get DMCA notice.

Is Grammarly plagiarism checker accurate?

Every writer loves to use Grammarly for checking grammar-related errors and fix them. However, when it comes to the plagiarism checking, Grammarly is not capable of checking it accurately. In our tests, Grammarly is not even comparable to our free plagiarism checker tool. Actually, the way Grammarly performs copied content detection is not the best method for checking the live text on millions of web-pages.

What is a good plagiarism score?

According to our tool as it detects and shows a percentage of how much text looks copied from your content if it says that your content is 91% unique or above than 91% then you are good to submit your work. However, if you are using a content spinning or text spinner tool then this tool may not work properly for you.

Does Google have a plagiarism checker?

There is no evidence of Google having a plagiarism checking tool. However, some SEOs think that Google may be using an AI-powered advanced plagiarism checker which they are utilizing in the ranking factors and use as their bots when they index or change rankings for various kinds of keywords on a daily basis. It's still not confirmed.