iOS 18 with AI Might Be the Real Star This Year

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 software update is expected to be a major upgrade, and it’s largely because of AI as almost every company is joining the AI race and Apple can’t hold back as this new technology is already conquering everything.

Forget iPhone 16: iOS 18 with AI Might Be the Real Star This Year
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Bloomberg’s report suggests Apple’s upcoming iPhone and iPad software updates will be filled with new AI-powered features, potentially making it one of the biggest updates in years for an iOS-powered device.

Apple has been noticeably absent from the generative AI race. But now that Samsung and Google have teamed up to bring features powered by artificial intelligence technology, there’s been more curiosity about what’s in store for iPhones.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently teased that the company has big plans regarding generative AI for iPhones, and would be a game changer or eventually a game over for many other tech companies as when Apple does a thing, they do it with almost perfection that nobody else can match.

Experts believe even the iPhone 16 could be a minor upgrade over the iPhone 15, strengthening the argument that iOS 18 will be the iPhone update to watch this year instead of the smartphone. Major software shifts have the potential to completely change how we use our phones.

Apple typically releases its new iPhone software for older phones too, meaning iOS 18’s new features will be used more widely than whatever new tech Apple introduces with the iPhone 16 and we may be able to use these features on earlier models of iPhone like 15, 14, 13 and even 12 Pro and Max lineups.

Quick Facts:

  • Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update is expected to be a major upgrade due to new AI features.
  • This could be more exciting than the iPhone 16 as a smartphone.
  • Apple’s major software updates can change how we use our iPhones and iOS 18 is expected to be widely used on older iPhones too.

I’m excited to see what Apple has planned for iOS 18, as it may give us a peek at what the future holds for smartphones and how we interact with them.